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1. Do you provide content rights?

No, we provide technical solution and services only. It is your responsibility to deal with content owners.

2. You don't have a feature in the system. Can you add it?

Yes of course, we are continuously improving our system. If your idea can be useful for other service providers of the cloud, we will add it with no additional fee. If you need something unique, we can offer a custom development for additional cost

3.We don't need whole solution. Can we take just part of it?

Yes, if you need just middleware server with multi-platform player or channel receiving services, we will be glad to provide this service only.

4. Where will be software installed?

Our software will be installed in set top box and server

5. Could you send us solution of project(cases)?Could you send us quotation of project?

Please send us details about your project to oversea@cleartv.cn, then we will send you solution or quotation according to your requirements promptly.

6.How do I manage the digital signage system?

Clear digital signage systems are managed and controlled via a web-based (cloud) software. This content management software can be accessed from any computer with a valid internet connection.

7.What type of display screens are required?

Clear digital signage systems are compatible with any size and type of LCD/LED display screen.

8.What types of content can be displayed?

Digital signage systems can display a number of different media formats and codes.

As long as they’re in the correct format, images, videos, texts, lives and movies are all supported by our signage systems.

9.Do you provide training?

Yes! We will send you some guide files and our engineer will be responsible for doing training on your technical person. Each training covers content management software features, configuration, information on content design, and hardware system management.

10.Where can I use Digital Signage?

Today, digital signage is being used in a variety of applications and settings. Examples are:

School, bank, hospital, hotel lobby, government, chain store, subway, airport.

Public information, Internal information, Advertising, Brand building, Influencing customer, behavior, Enhancing customer experience, Enhancing the environment.

11.How do I file a warranty claim?

All our products and brands are covered under a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. As part of our warranty policy, we will repair or exchange a damaged product purchased from us.

12.How does the custom design process work?

All custom design work is handled by our Design Studio, and is coordinated by a Project Manager. Our Design Studio has multiple years of experience creating customized designs that usually exceed client expectations.