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Clear Cloud platform

A real Cloud Clear cloud platform grand launching

Improving operational efficiency, cost savings, easy management of millions of terminals

Clear Cloud platform, is about to change the history by connecting separate project subsystems to the clear cloud platform. Data processed from the cloud and large data platform is transferred to the project server, and combined with our own cloud services to provide multiple data for operations. In short, the role of cloud computing is to save data and provide it to you when you need it. Our cloud platform will save cost, resources, human consumption, and improve the overall operational efficiency.

  • Unified management

  • Improving efficiency

  • Shorten the cycle

What are the unique features of the clear platform?

Clear cloud operations

In different projects, similar server functionalities are used, such as database, on-demand transcoding, which can result in waste of resources and time. But these functions can be moved effectively to the clear platform with data services sharing. Management operators are required to be equipped in each project with good technical experience. Due to the existence of liquidity, the human cost is greater. If take our cloud services, you can improve operational efficiency in the cloud through cloud services with professionals working 24/7.

Most projects has a set of in-house complex systems that requires deployment and maintenance costs and results in extra workload. With cloud services, you only require an interface on any device and cloud cache module on the project site, simplifying the use of large hardware and reducing the need of maintenance.

Large capacity, high reliability

Using CDN + small front end

Relying on the professional CDN service, using CDN + small front-end template

For the static content, such as text, pictures, etc., using the traditional CDN cache, the content is distributed to the nearest place from the user. For dynamic content, such as registration, login, searching, protocol optimization, file compression and other technicalities, an efficient and secure channel will be built, to allow users to quickly access the content.

Meeting the different needs, high scalability, high reliability

Self-built IDC room, including CDN network, can meet more business needs. However, systems and broadband connections should be configured according to the actual needs.

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Continuously available, unified and convenient upgrade channels

  • For projects that have multiple terminals, we will provide upgrades that can easily be configured through the set-top box. With our portal interface, you will be able to upgrade one or more than one terminal at a time.
  • You can upgrade any device located at any specified area through our portal. You can also degrade a device whenever you want it.
  • Our interface will keep the upgrade history that can be viewed at any time.
  • Timely optimization of products, enhancing the user experience
  • Upgrade Room Control Unit, Controlling strategy

Clear cloud upgrade

Monitoring & troubleshooting

  • All the run-time operations are monitored and recorded as long-term statistical data for future use. Our system can monitor the operation of single or multiple groups of terminals such as the region, version information, download information, active time, abnormal information, and fault diagnosis information.
  • The equipment failure is timely detected, and operation and maintenance information is shown in graphical form. The system will store different statistical data such as system error, events and fault boxes. This will help in identifying, analyzing and processing, and will also help in making important management decision.
  • The functions of a cloud platform for large data may Reduce R & D, implementation, operations and maintenance costs.
  • Reducing and eliminating system failures, providing paid services.
  • Through the fault handling mechanism, you will be able to strengthen the quality of your products and services in a large scale.

Maintain automation

  • Supply remote upgrade (manual, automatic, push)
  • By controlling the state, fault recovery, and management control equipment status, the data can be timely recovered and will upload feedback in case of a failure.

How to work of the cloud platform users?

The people behind operating and maintaining the system may include policymakers, operators and developers.

  • Policymakers need analyze and obtain the system’s operational data to support his decision making.
  • Operators are mainly focused on finding system errors and failures, resolving and repairing the system as soon as possible.
  • Developers will be focused on the products, finding errors and improving the product usability.

Easy operation – mobility in managing different operations

For the different characteristics of a company’s product line, the collecting information and uploading feedback for operating and maintaining the system will differ for every business.

  • IMS: Information release products. Mainly concerned about the playback terminal online rate, play logic is consistent with the scheduled logic, playback material download success rate and real-time and so on.
  • IPTV: IP network streaming media service system. Mainly concerned with broadcasting channels with playback stability and delay. The IPTV system functions to use the statistical situation.
  • OTT: Intelligent broadcast terminal for public network. Mainly for overseas users to provide them with live broadcast of different channels with exceptional quality.