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Clear Hotel TV

Complete VI system, highlighting the corporate image, reducing the cost of corporate propaganda

A Complete system, highlighting the hotel’s image while reducing the cost of commercial advertising

Clear Hotel TV system brings additional value to the hotel industry and other commercial businesses, enhancing the corporate image of the business by increasing customer satisfaction and business income.

A digital solution for hotel businesses

Wider Signal access, more flexible cost savings.

Our system support a variety of signal access such as broadcasting, satellite and telecommunications (China Unicom), live broadcast, video cameras, DVD, etc.

Our Hotel TV also features HD live, full HD media (1080p), real-time program list, and forward & rewind Features. Using streaming media forwarding technology, now hotel guests can watch their favorite shows and movies anytime. Our TV system features quick switching between channels without any delay.

Mainstream video layout

Guest can choose different language subtitles and channels as per their need, and enjoy watching TV as if they are at home.

Blue-ray VOD

The large-scale video on-demand is available. Guests can enjoy VOD feature depend on storage size they avail, and the paid VOD list will be queued on the guest’s TV.

Sounds of nature

We have stored thousands of sounds and songs for the guests to give them a soothing ambiance when they in their room. They can choose from thousands of artists and songs they like.

The preferred function for business travelers

Our set top box also provide different functions for business persons who wants to check on their business files such as doc and PPT, easily viewable through our system.

Virtual Desktop Services Through Cloud Computing

Our cloud desktop give guest the chance to bring their business operations to their hotel room with remote computer desktop services.

improving efficiency and increasing income.

A custom function, need dock with the PMS system and other third-party system.

Mother tongue navigation

The system will automatically to the language the guest speaks through the information he provide during the booking process. The TV adjusts the language accordingly to provide guests with an easy setting for their room.

Docking hotel activities seamlessly

With IPTV system, hotels can now feature their own channels as well through which they can advertise their hotel services and infrastructure. They can advertise relative information such as hotel discounts, traffic, food inquiries, tourist attractions, etc.

Call service

Guests can send a call service (online ordering, laundry wake up, baggage service, maintenance service, etc.) to the reception desk via TV. The front desk starts service after seeing the information sent.

Call service

From providing customers with service guides and safety tips to enhance the guests’ experience, guests can always check their own bill consumption situation. Consumer transparency, speed check out which reduce the queuing time, and increase customer experience.

Special feature

Guests can always add and avail extra features to their packages.

Electronic cat eye function

When someone knocks on your room door while you’re watching TV, a popup will appear on your TV screens and you can lock or unlock the doors through the integrated electronic cat eye function on your TV.

Airplay & A key vote screen

By integrating Airplay and smart view on our system, you can watch images, videos, documents, music and other content right from your smartphones onto your TV screens. Android and iOS platforms are easily compatible with our airplay and smart view features.

Phone remote controller

You can control your TV screens with your smartphones by the help of a simple application that is integrated with your TV.

Online shopping mall

Combining the shopping platform with our system, you can easily shop from our shopping mall.

We have integrated RCU to give you a perfect tool to control your room. A room in which you can control everything from lightings, curtains to air conditioning and other equipment.

Through docking with the RCU to achieve room control, a complete system of digital rooms is formed. By the lighting, curtains, air conditioning equipment settings, it’s easy to control of your room status.

A perfect system for your digital needs.

For those hotels that are old or doesn’t have any technological advantage, using our set-top box + TV functions can let you achieve your technological needs.

No need to install set top box.

Our set-top box is better than old digital TV set-top boxes. With same budget, better system, more features; our system will be energy efficient and cost effective in every way.

Mainstream TV manufacturers to customize

Our system will work on every TV, be it from any manufacturer and with any kind of features.

Worry-free after-sales

When you have acquired our system and services, we will also provide you with regular maintenance and testing, and with free upgrades without any delay.