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IPTV System

Get Complete Hotel IPTV Solution from the leading Suppliers Here!

Are you looking for the end to end Hotel IPTV Solution from reliable suppliers? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Shanghai ClearTV Corp., Ltd is the reliable IPTV system provider in China. We offer the high-quality IPTV products for all types of residential and commercial use such as hotel, hospital, tourism resort, university, government sector, and so on. We have the complete range of IPTV solution like interactive TV setup box, digital televisions, and other IPTV equipment to meet the needs of different markets.

  • Intelligent

  • Interactive

  • High definition

Support scheduled recording Wonderful content no longer missed

Clear Hotel IPTV system provides digital and HD channels, while playback and pause options are also available. VOD feature include multi-language subtitles, multi-track functions, play, pause, forward and rewind options. You can switch between channels quickly without any delay. You can also upload and watch 1080p and Blu-ray 3D display movies on the system’s library.

Large capacity, high reliability

Internet information accessed is achieved with the IPTV platform.

  • You can easily access the internet, check on the weather, book a flight, or browse the IPTV portals.
  • Accessing to the major shopping site platform to facilitate shopping, interactive marketing on television is achieved.
  • You can do online shopping on IPTV.
  • With the future development of the digital IPTV system expansion and upgrading, the new needs are constantly met.
  • With the increase in development and enhancements on IPTV systems, our system is able to meet the requirements of every individuals need.

Bringing enhancement to the industries

Digital IPTV system are widely used in many industrial applications as well, such as prisons, banks, hospitals, and transportation media. EPG page is customized according to different industry characteristics. The business model can be integrated into the IPTV system through any device. Being one of the leading suppliers of IPTV system in China, we are committed to provide highest grade IPTV solutions to our clients at affordable prices. For specific details of the industry program see the solutions.

Support programming

  • Setting flexible
  • Easy modified
  • Multiple formats supported

Forced insertion function

  • Any time
  • Any terminal
  • Any playing form

Remote monitoring, the terminal in control

  • Viewing the TV online status, all terminal switch machine status are marked with different colors.e
  • TV viewing time is customization. Out of time, the TV shows no viewing rights.
  • Viewing the TV operation log, program playback records are at a glance.
Docking room control system (hotel intelligent system entrance)
Docking room control system (hotel intelligent system entrance)
Docking room control system (hotel intelligent system entrance)

More Signal accessing, More flexible cost savings.

A variety of signals accessing are supported, such as radio and television, satellite and telecommunications (China Unicom), live broadcast, video cameras, DVD etc. are also supported.

Using streaming media forwarding technology, changing channel is with seconds response, no black screen. TV, PC side, touching screen and other display terminals are supported.

All in one machine is recommended.

No need to install set top box.

It has the same budget, better system, more features; no need with line, and it’s nice and generous with lower maintain costs.

Mainstream TV manufacturers to customize

Support Samsung, Philips, LG and other mainstream brands, UHD ultra-high-definition local control light technology, 1080P Full HD large screen

Worry-free after-sales

Cloud platform unified control, operation and maintenance, regular maintenance and testing, permanent free upgrade