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Room Control System

Clear ecological room control system offers you surprising features

Intelligent room control, everything in master

Clear ecological room control system lets you take control of your room. An Intelligent room control system that lets you do all your daily operations efficiently. You may enter the hotel room and there is a fruit plate waiting for you. You Turn on the Smart TV, and the movies or shows you didn’t watch yesterday has been selected for you. In the morning, music starts to play and wake you up, just like how you want to wake up. Your favorite half-fried

  • Intelligent

  • Interactive

  • High definition

Overcoming the drawbacks of the hotel industry

  • High operating costs, heavy channel dependence, low retention rate, experience homogeneity
  • Hotels are unable to find an effective way to save energy, and unable to attract the customers through marketing.
  • Due to low television usage, traditional TV inside the hotels are unable to provide better customer experience.
  • Wireless networks inside the hotels usually doesn’t match the demands of customers, and network security is usually low as well.

Our intelligent room control system gives you all-round services

Find rooms through our exceptional wireless coverage inside the hotel

  • While entering the hotel, you will be able to access the wireless network of the hotel. You can easily access the hotel navigation page on your browsers which will provide full insights on the whole infrastructure of the hotel including the banquet hall, conference room, swimming pool and much more.
  • The room control system lets you find rooms efficiently without any hassle.
  • It is completely ecological and is convenient for your stay.

Quick check-in through “Wechat” app

It takes one minute to find rooms – wireless coverage

  • You don’t have to go to the reception for booking anymore, you can now get access to rooms through the “Wechat” app. With quick check-ins through Wechat app, you can easily talk to the staff members, book a room, order a meal, and a lot more. You can access.
  • The hotel provides Wechat platform to support quick check-in and payment. Living in luxury bed room? Living in a warm double room? Whatever you decide.
  • When a guest enters the hotel, he’s directly informed about the hotel services such as booking, meals, and other room services through videos on an LCD display.

No need of door cards when you can access your rooms with our magnetic – piece lock system

  • The locking system consist of a concealed key hole, which provides easy access, hassle free, and prevents damage.
  • The door locks are automated, When on low power, the system informs the hotel staff to recharge the batteries or replace them.
  • The system provides statistical reporting, historical records, and anti-lock prompt functions, and supports multi-point and batch card issuance, which can be acquired through remote management on your hotel management system.

Humanized art decorations – niche-type electric switch

  • When guests are leaving the room, the energy-saving function cuts off the power within the next 15 seconds after the guests have left the room and the doors are locked from the outside. This way hotels can save energy easily.
  • In our system, the LED lighting indicator – used in luxury hotels nowadays—are used, and they automatically turns on after dusk.
  • These LED indicators are integrated on the walls and the doors, so as soon as you access your room with the room card, the lights get turned on.

Always enjoy the warmest wind – open air conditioning at any time

  • The system controls the temperature of the room even when there is no one inside. After booking, the system automatically opens the curtains to provide sufficient sunlight and maintains a perfect temperature.
  • Customers within a certain distance from the room, can choose turn their AC on through a remote device, and select the modes and temperatures as well.
  • If the customer does not enter the room within 20 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically turn off and the curtains are closed to maintain the temperature.

Various scenarios are available.

  • The four scene modes are given for customers to choose, such as bright mode, reading mode, romantic mode, and sleep mode.
  • Bright mode: room lights fully opened, curtains opened.
  • Reading mode: turn off the TV, curtains, and other lights, to keep only the reading lights or leisure area lights.
  • Romantic mode: light color conversion, light belt, beautiful light, romantic music.
  • Sleep mode: turn off all the lights, close the curtains, air conditioning transferred to the human body suitable temperature, keeping the bathroom night light shimmer.
  • In case of broken network, the room touch switch can also be used to adjust the profile mode.

Clear robot of room control system

  • Room intelligent voice control
  • Accompany chatting in the room
  • Powerful learning and memory function, real-time pushing weather forecast
  • Hotel promotion

Multi-function service panel

  • Rely on intelligent sensors
  • support for infrared room appliances
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Open a new era of environmental protection and energy conservation

Infrared smart sensor

  • Crystal panel backlighting instructions for night identification
  • Controlling the bathroom within the various types of lighting on and off
  • With the infrared sensor to achieve the purpose of saving energy
  • To achieve synchronization control with the bedside lamp control panel

Eat and drink in iptv network TV

  • Blu-ray VOD/ room ordering / docking all travel platforms
  • Compatible with 99% of the wine system to open the online and offline under the full range of channels
  • Better quality value-added services