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Digital Prison

Digital Prison Solutions & Cases

As for security department, our country declares to strengthen party education and internal prison management by providing job efficiency policy. Prison IPTV platform plays an important role. With its flowing media technology, it will promote working efficiency of prison. Our system plays a vanguard role in guidance, education reform personnel. Network TV, live, on-demand training, information management, interactive application, etc., are welcomed by a majority of prisons. This project is solutions customized by our company according to characteristics of prison.

With the development of digital education transform of prison, Clear has launch system case regarding the special requirements of prison

  • Strengthen

  • flexible play control

  • solve hidden danger

  • integrated resources,

  • Unified platform

System composition

Typical case introduction

Item background

Shanghai Baimaoling prison also known as Shanghai Baimaoling farmland, since 1956.3, is a prison for disabled, waif and orphans. It was built in Foothill between Wannan Langxi and Guangde counties, it is 40.5 square km, It is an administrative unit belonging to Shanghai prison administration. It has a discipline commission, labor union and Youth League Committee. It makes an important contribution in tackling crime and maintaining security and stability of society in Shanghai.

Cases application

Shanghai Baimaoling prison plans to invest 7000 yuan, the scale of the crime is about 2200 people, modern architecture and a beautiful garden style space. A first-class central prison area will be built and put into use. It will make an important contribution to the modern prison symbol. We will be providing Baimaoling prison with a digital TV education system” which is created by Clear. Clear provide it with IPTV system. The equipment is set in prison room, activity room and police officer quarters, to display the meeting information, prison conditions, and a lot more.

Case advantages

Abundant education resources

Psychological lecture, theme education, transformation guide, comprehensive information Policies and regulations, legal study, technical, and vocational training. Full integration of the Bureau and the supervision of two types of educational resources.

Strengthen terminal supervision and control

A proper content controller can’t operate within a set time. Approving on compulsory education can result in good management. There are different areas where prisoners can observe different programs. With a backstage monitor, we can easy know the conditions of the respective terminal while resulting in having the best tool for watching out on the prisoners as well.

More flexible in terminal broadcast control management

With flexible adjustments on the terminals can help in characterizing the content for each prisoner groups. They can get independent education, as well as can watch Live TV, movies or whatever they want.

Promote prisoners transform positively

Our system offers active video streaming, conference video, and live self-management programs. Our system will also provide video recording which can be played and rewind whenever they want to watch. Video on demand is specific to education only, which will provide leisure content and timed bonus. Our system is also introducing reward and punishment mechanism, adjust emotion, which can help in promoting positive transformation.

Cost-efficient, lighten safe pressure of supervision

Decentralized education has replaced centralized education. With our system, we are resolving a high-cost problem of an organized lecture by centralizing education.

Bureau prison, prison area three level management mechanism

Our cloud computing platform is a combination of development and management of resources. Through our system, management and maintenance are faster and more flexible.

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