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Media Chain

Media chain solutions & cases

It is not easy to manage traditional media information displaying system, replacing it will be complicated, and a waste of time and labor. Our public network information publishing system of media chain industry developed will provide a better platform of information advertising and display. Will be convenient for organizations to showcase their programs in an effective way. Media chain information advertisement is largely used nowadays.

Our information publishing cloud platform aims to provide cultural construction and operational management a combined platform

  • Establish corporate image

  • Publicity corporate culture

  • Improve enterprise operation efficiency

  • Reduce operating costs

System composition

Classical cases introduction

Item background

Yixin corporate is a comprehensive modern service enterprise which sets wealth management, credit risk assessment and management, petty loan industry investment, and public finance to help agricultural platform services in one. Currently, it has established national Cooperative Service Networks in 133 cities (including Hong Kong) and 48 villages, to provide customers with a full range of personalized inclusive finance and wealth management services.

Case application

Yixin personal loan TV platform, is a kind of information publishing platform based on internet which Yixin and Clear have collaborated on. This platform includes total control terminals, sub control terminals of each store, etc. multi-layer management mechanism terminal includes set-top box and Skyworth integrated machine, distributed in stores of Yixin all over the country. Platform operations are based on public network, they broadcasts loan policy and all kinds of information from headquarter. This platform supports live TV that is provided by Clear and they have been used in Yixin annual meeting in 2015, and national headquarter’s live annual meeting. We have provided more than 600 TVs, which have been already installed and used in many stores.  Some of them are still in progress and we plan to reach the target of providing platform to 1000 stores.

Case advantages

Latest news release

Integrating our terminals of information publishing system in enterprise servers. Our system can analyzes and store all the latest corporate and business operation information.

Major events live

When corporate activities or other major events happen, our system can provide live streaming.

Staff training

Our system also provides training videos to the staff, so they can learn how the system works and let them learn about the corporate culture.

Advertisement operation

Product promotion by displaying advertisements through the terminals to attract more clients towards the business and increase profitability.

Strong background support

Our Cloud platform architecture has managed to store terminals across the country. With our system we are providing professional support to businesses and the public as well.

More Cases