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Smart Campus

Wisdom Campus Solutions & Cases

The construction of school system means construction computer room, media classroom, campus network, campus website, etc for high, middle, primary school.

Clear’s information publishing system is based on this purpose. Our digital signage will replace traditional blackboard, notice-board, and attends broadcast function, and helping school deliver school information to all the teachers and students from inside the school.

Aiming at requirements of campus information construction, Clear tech provide education industry with professional digital system platform

  • Efficient delivering

  • promote information
    management efficiency
  • make good use of media
    teaching resources

  • cost saving,improve
    teaching efficiency

  • improve campus

System composition

Typical case introduction

Item background

East China university, which belongs to educational department of the people’s republic of China, ranking in “211 project”, “985 project” selected country “2011 plan” “111 plan” “thousand talents program” “Yangtze River Delta Cooperation” “BRICS national union” “Asia Pacific College Association” members established graduate school, which is a comprehensive national key university built by the people’s republic of China and Shanghai government.

Cases application

East China normal university set up two campuses of Minhang and Zhongshan. We are providing them with meeting reservation and publishing system. Equipment are installed in front of meeting room, the left terminal is distributed in respective area of school. It can show meeting information which is going and will be held. The system through the background, OA, mail, booking processing etc. Because of different areas, systems have different showing content. For example, in library with library system, shows statistics of entrance to the library, condition of library, etc.

Case advantages

Visual display of school image

Support for image-text and text-based news presentation, rolling subtitles publish welcome words, announcements, and other information. We will customize pages, make customized services, functions and UI interface according to requirements of the school. Image display and advertisement through LED, LCD, LCTV

High-efficient information management mode

Replace traditional announcement, blackboard, etc. advertising mode, lower maintenance cost. Uniform production of information materials, uniform management, uniform displaying. Provides timely information.

Support distance learning,realize Autonomous Teaching

Connect through our video collection system can simplify distance learning, promote teaching efficiency of teacher and learning interest of student Scientific teaching. It will also promote efficiency and quality of public lessons marketing. Our campus interactive TV system will provide active video, conference video, and Self-management programs broadcast.

Docking school original information system, application is more widely

With our campus card, terminal can integrate reader together with our library system. It will show statistics of entrance to the library, condition of library, etc. Get timely schedule through our electronic brand terminal.

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