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Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital Solutions & Cases

How to improve the service level of hospital and patient satisfaction, beneficial for hospitals economic growth and society benefit. So, hospital administrator must consider and research this problem. Clear IPTV system solution is a professional solution which we have put forward that will be beneficial for the hospital, and its patients. This solution will provide various services to the hospital like TV systems, to provide the patients with ideal services.

In regards to the requirement of hospital information system, Clear tech has created a smart hospital digital fusion scheme

  • Promote hospital

  • Promote patient efficiency
    of treatment
  • Decrease operation cost
    of hospital

  • Improve treatment experienc
    of patient

System composition

Typical case introduction

Item background

Wuhan Yaxin hospital is short for Wuhan Asian heart hospital. In the Ministry of Health for the record, which is authorized to set a large three-grade heart hospital with the help of their Hubei province health department. It is located at “National Cardiovascular Center-Health care center”.

Cases application

Clear IPTV system provides Yaxin hospital with information publishing system, interactive Smart TV, and queuing and calling system. Besides supporting its own information that hospital provides, for example, hospital introduction, restaurant, messages,  etc; it also supports checking function for hospital information and public information, for instance, patient consumption bill, drug price, operation arrangement, inspection arrangement, etc.

IPTV system provides patient consumption bill inquiry to the hospitals. They can check various consumption bill easily, make sure it is a transparent, flexible consumer spending. An LCD is set in lobby, on the entrance of clinic, or in public area. The LCD displays hospital and clinic introduction, patient information, etc. They will also display disease knowledge, Health knowledge, registration and emergency information.

Case advantages

Solve patient“difficult inquiry” problem

Intelligent guidance, mobile appointment, decreasing queue time of the patient, improving the efficiency of medical treatment. Our LCD will feature touchscreen design and will support mobile phones. It is widely used in the lobby of clinic, registry, guide reception, etc.

Shaping hospital image, provide service feasibility of hospital

Show hospital introduction, department introduction, let the patient know more about the spiritual outlook for the hospital. Know details and files of each doctor in the hospital, through doctor introduction. Improve patient trust in doctors. Support service evaluation and give patients more rights to choose.

Sickroom interactive IT system, improve inpatient experience

Abundant leisure and entertainment program resources, soothing mood of the patient. It can customize healthy electronic menu according to patient condition. Patient and their families can decide, making it beneficial for them. Providing electronic bill will give you a transparent consumption by checking the case of illness and bill.

Publish calling information promptly, information arrive timely

Providing hospital HIS system with which you can get registered queuing information of each department timely. Display various notification, emergency info, inform the doctors and appointed patient will prevent the loss of delay in transferring information.

Mainstream convenient checking system, decrease operation cost of hospital

Adapting interactive information touch inquiry system, and providing training content through terminal screens. Our system support words, voice release information form, training material, and provides intelligent guidance for treatment while decreasing the workload of staff members.

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