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Smart Hotel

Smart Hotel Solutions & Cases

The competition is gradually increasing in the hotel industry. Nowadays, people want to have a great experience while staying in hotels, while hotel owners are aiming to provide comfortable environment and considerate service to the customers by bringing efficiency in their processes and lowering cost for internal hospitality operation and management. And this is what hotel owners usually aims for. Our clear’s customized UI interface has combined TV system and hotel style into one system which provides timely information, consultation, services, and advertising IPTV solutions to the hospitality industry.

Targeting the requirements of a hotel’s technological needs, Clear tech customize system solutions for hotel

  • Lower maintenance

  • Expand profit

  • Improve operation efficiency
    and service quality

  • Build hotel brand image

  • Increase customer

System composition

Typical cases introduction

Item background

Beijing Miyun Gubei water town (Simatai Great Wall) international tourism resort locates at Gubei town Miyun county Beijing, back on the most beautiful and dangerous Simatai Great Wall of China, sitting on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, which is the original three ancient villages of the renovation, re-planning and construction of large-scale sightseeing holiday destination. The resort covers an area of 9 square kilometers, under the two browsing areas of Hubei water town and Simatai Great Wall. Gubei water town has 430 thousand square meters of the Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China style mountain courtyard building, including 2 five star hotels, 6 mini the inn boutique, more than 400 B&B, restaurants and shops, more than 10 culture display experience areas and complete service facilities.

Case application

Clear Tech design and carry out Digital Smart IPTV System covering the whole park for a five-star hotel in the resort area, boutique hotel, and B&B, etc. There are total 1500 rooms, and the system is now fully on-line. The item is so complicated that IPTV of a single hotel can’t match. The whole item is based on scenic spots. All the guest rooms (both hotel and B&B) use unified server for administration. IPTV server group of scenic room provides TV signal of room and on-demand resources. EPG menu makes unified style page, including scenic spot introduction, business trip service, self-service, etc. Scenic spot introduction includes special view spot, performing activities, shopping fun, delicious food, meeting and exhibition, etc. Meanwhile different hotels can modify respective display content according to self-requirement.

Case advantages

Speed up information and construction of hotel

The terminal display has replaced traditional character labels. Information is updated timely, with convenient management and maintenance. Displaying hotel welcome, room prices, sales promotion, etc. Displaying hotel facilities, service guide, and surrounding environment information.

Open new increasing points of profit

Integrating commercial resources such as O2O malls, payment platforms, and making the hotel a commercial center. Massive high-definition video-on-demand features are directly benefiting the hotel’s image with its digital TV live signals and high-speed bidirectional IP network.

Clear hotel equipment status

Introducing conference booking system with which you can know the meeting room status, interface data, and other information automatically. With a simple background, you can increase operation efficiency by displaying information on each conference room and banquet hall timely.

Docking hotel PMS, build hotel image

Providing customized system page, personalized hotel greeting, displaying hotel level Featured, and bill checking, etc. Increasing customers experience by providing online ordering, check out value-added services, and decreasing operation cost.

Integrate room control system, promote competition of hotel

Control room equipment of hotel by using Mobile phone, TV, or PC. Control them with any device through a simple application. Providing you a mobile service, that also features mobile payments.

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