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Traffic Media System

Smart Traffic Solutions & Cases

With the introduction of bus priority policy, more and more cities are starting to bring bus services as an essential means of transportation.

To provide people with convenient bus travel environment, smart bus stop system are presented as a perfect solution. This application will provide people with an efficient way of travelling within the city. This system will result in people travelling efficiently and will attract a larger audience. Smart bus system uses modern digital signage method, offering the public with accurate public transport information and bus routes. People will be able to know about the timings, traffic, and bus routes without going outside, and this will improve the quality of city’s public transport service. As a result, it will reduce heavy traffic, and will be sufficient in controlling traffic.

Our Traffic system offers a more Stable and Professional Support to the Transportation Industry

  • Enhance City Image

  • improve Ride Experience

  • improve the level of intelligent transportation system

  • Increase Transfer Efficiency of Information

  • increase income of operating

System composition

Classical cases introduction

Event background

Wuhan subway line 3 is the first subway line through Han River, starts from Wenling of Caidian district, we will have to transfer to Wuhan Economic development district by three roads, the total line length is 39.6km, we have set 28 stations in total. Line 3 project starts from Zhuanyang Street to Citizen Center station, the line length is 28km, all underground line, and we set 24 stations.

Cases application

Clear tech provides subway information system for line 3, terminal distributes all the vehicles including 6 compartments on line 3, there are 6 information screens in each compartment. The information for terminal broadcast will mainly feature time, weather, station, arrival information, subway broadcast station, etc. Broadcast station, time and station arrival information are sent down to buses by subway wireless signals.

Case advantages

Great way of transferring information

Will provide a perfect platform to present all kinds of traffic, bus routes and timing information.

Information like notices, public information, important news, and emergency will be provided over each terminals on run-time.

This system will be a perfect tool for the public in their travels.

Know the traffic situation

You wouldn’t have to wait for buses on the subway, when you have our app. You can easily know the timings and the bus routes within seconds.

You will be able to know about the Passenger flow guide, precision docking station and never get lost. The time of arrival for all buses will be displayed which will save a lot of time for the passengers while traveling.

System Usability

Reach your local bus stations with our bus GPS vehicle positioning system. You can get information about the buses, which bus will go to which route and where stand on the bus station.

Stable and reliable system support, will be able to provide access to subway Smart TV and live signal. Support split screen design of display page.

Image-text, video, synchronization with the screen release.

More Cases